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Konferenz: Towards a multilingual constructicon: issues, approaches, perspectives

"The conference offers a forum in which internationally leading linguists in the field of construction grammar / language technology come together in order to break new ground in creating a digital language resource in the form of a FrameNet and Constructicon, both on a monolingual and a multilingual basis. Empirically, the overall aim is to systematically capture both grammar and lexicon on a par as rich resources of meaningful concepts (“frames”, “constructions”) and to document and compare them across languages. With a special focus on multilingual issues, the conference brings together researchers who are currently involved in developing repositories of grammatical constructions and frames in order to explore and refine the design of a multilingual resource in methodological, application-related and computational terms. It is hosted by the German FrameNet & Constructicon project (www.german-constructicon.de), located at the University of Duesseldorf."


  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem
  • Dr. des. Sascha Michel
  • Ann-Katrin Nöhren, M.Ed.
  • Alexander Willich, M.A.

Weitere Information sowie das vollständige Programm der Tagung finden Sie hier.


Beginn: 04.12.2019
Ende: 06.12.2019
Ort: Haus der Universität, Düsseldorf