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Department IV: Theory and History of Spoken and Written Discourse

The Institute of German Studies (“Germanistik”) is unique in Germany, in that it comprises not only a Department of Linguistics (“Sprachwissenschaft”), Modern German Philology (“Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft”) and Medieval Studies (“Germanistische Mediävistik”) but also the Department of Theory and History of Spoken and Written Discourse.

With a particular focus on orality and literacy, this Department IV addresses issues in the realm of (interactional) linguistics and philology as well as culture, media, and discourse studies.

At the same time, within its broad range of research and teaching topics Department IV aims at building up a variety of communication skills, including, but not limited to, areas such as cultural practices of discourse formation, journalism, and project management in science and art. A special analytical focus lies on language use in diverse social contexts, for example politics and public communication.

The Department IV “Theory and History of Spoken and Written Discourse” is subdivided into two domains: Spoken Discourse and Written Discourse. For more information please visit their individual websites.

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