Welcome on the pages of Germanistik I - Department of German Linguistics.

The Department of German Linguistics (Germanistik I) –a sub-division of the German Department of Heinrich-Heine-University – consists of the Chair of German Linguistics (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dietrich Busse) and its team of 15 postdocs PhD students and about 11 research assistants.

Our areas of teaching includes a wide range of linguistic subjects and approaches, such as cognitive semantics, text- and discourse-analysis, construction grammar, as well as frame semantics and  theoretical foundations of linguistics. Our BA program focuses on (besides the basics of linguistics) aspects and approaches of applied linguistics (e.g. linguistic analysis of advertising, of language of media and politics etc.) Our BA- and MA-programs are well recognized by many foreign students wanting to study German in German and in Germany. Thus, the language of teaching is always (nearly self-evident) German.

Head of Department


Anneliese Fiddes

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