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  • In January 2020, we were awarded a two-year extension of the funded construction grammar and frame semantic cooperation project "Comparing semantic frames and grammatical constructions across languages: from linguistic analyses and multilingual resources to machine translation" within the German Constructicon  German Constructicon project. In cooperation with FrameNetBrasil, we are working together with Prof. Dr. Tiago Torrent (Juiz de Fora), Prof. Dr. Oliver Czulo (Leipzig) and a total of six PhD students and postdocs on a multilingual resource for frames and constructions.
  • After more than three years of work, we are very pleased to present the prototype of a German FrameNet and Constructicon. The digital language resource has been developed in cooperation with numerous colleagues from Germany and abroad and is constantly being expanded. Both repositories - the German FrameNet (www.german-framenet.de) and the German Constructicon (www.german-constructicon.de) - are open to the public.


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